Time Shooter 3 Unblocked - Play Online Full Screen!

Shooter 3 Unblocked is an online game with a perfect blend of action and strategy, where players travel through time, battling enemies in different eras. With its stunning graphics and challenging levels, Time Shooter 3 Unblocked is a must-play for all gaming enthusiasts. Experience the adrenaline rush as you navigate through the game, unlocking new weapons and power-ups. The best part? You can enjoy Time Shooter 3 Unblocked for free online, anytime, anywhere. Don't miss out on this epic gaming adventure.

About the Game

Time Shooter 3 is a thrilling online game that takes you on a journey through different eras. This game is the third installment in the popular Time Shooter series and offers an even more exciting and immersive experience than its predecessors.

The game is set in a world where time travel is possible. As a player, you are tasked with navigating through various time periods, battling enemies, and overcoming obstacles. Each level represents a different era, providing a unique backdrop and challenges.

Time Shooter 3 Unblocked is not just about shooting and action. It also requires strategic thinking and quick reflexes. The game’s difficulty level increases progressively, keeping players on their toes at all times. The game’s captivating storyline, combined with its stunning graphics and sound effects, make it a must-play for all gaming enthusiasts.

How to play Time Shooter 3

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your character.
  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot at enemies.
  • Collect power-ups and weapons to enhance your abilities.
  • Avoid enemy attacks by moving around and using cover.
  • Progress through the levels by defeating all enemies and reaching the end of each stage.


What are the controls for the game?

The game is controlled using the keyboard for movement and the mouse for aiming and shooting.

Can I save my progress?

Yes, the game automatically saves your progress at the end of each level.

Are there any power-ups in the game?

Yes, there are various power-ups and weapons that you can collect to improve your abilities.

Is the game multiplayer?

No, Time Shooter 3 is a single-player game.

What happens if I lose all my lives?

If you lose all your lives, you will have to start the level again from the beginning.

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