Wheelie Bike Unblocked - Play Online Full Screen!

Get ready to test your skills in Wheelie Bike Unblocked, the challenging online game that will keep you entertained! In this game, you must balance your bike on one wheel as you navigate through various obstacles and terrains. With simple controls and smooth gameplay, Wheelie Bike is perfect for players of all ages. Can you master the art of the wheelie and reach the finish line without crashing? Play Wheelie Bike now for free and see if you have what it takes to become a wheelie master! Enjoy this unblocked game and challenge yourself to beat your high score.

About the Game

Wheelie Bike Unblocked online version is an exciting online game that will put your balancing skills to the test. In this game, you take control of a bike and your goal is to perform the longest wheelie possible. The longer you can keep the front wheel off the ground, the higher your score will be.

The game features simple and intuitive controls, making it easy for players of all ages to pick up and play. Balancing the bike is the key to success, so make sure to maintain your balance.

As you progress in the game, you will encounter various obstacles and challenges that will make it harder to keep your wheelie going. From ramps and jumps to uneven terrain, you will need to adapt your strategy and make quick decisions to stay on your bike and keep the wheelie alive.

Wheelie Bike features physics-based gameplay that adds a realistic touch, making every wheelie feel satisfying and rewarding. The game also features catchy sound effects that will keep you engaged and motivated to beat your high score.

With its simple yet challenging gameplay, you’ll find yourself coming back for more wheelie action again and again.

How to Play the Game

  • Use the space bar or left mouse key to lift the front wheel of the bike.
  • Release the space bar or left mouse key to bring the front wheel down.
  • Try to keep the front wheel off the ground for as long as possible.
  • Avoid crashing into obstacles and maintain your balance to achieve a high score.


1. How do I perform a wheelie in Wheelie Bike?

To perform a wheelie, you need to accelerate and then use the left and right arrow keys to balance the bike. Try to find the right balance between speed and control to keep the front wheel off the ground.

2. Can I play Wheelie Bike on my mobile device?

Yes, Wheelie Bike is compatible with most mobile devices. You can play the game on your smartphone or tablet by visiting the gaming website and accessing the game from your mobile browser.

3. Are there different levels in the game?

No, Wheelie Bike is an endless game where the goal is to achieve the longest wheelie possible. There are no levels to complete, but the game does become progressively more challenging as you encounter different obstacles.

4. Can I compete with other players in Wheelie Bike?

Yes, Wheelie Bike features a global leaderboard where you can compare your high score with other players from around the world. Try to climb the leaderboard and become the wheelie champion!

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